We have all heard of at least one tragic death of a child that has been killed because of gang warfare or drug crimes that goes on in the larger cities in our country. These are of course, only two of the reasons that children are killed by guns. Anytime a child is killed with a firearm it is senseless and horrible and many times it is usually because they just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes they are not even in the wrong place because how can you say that a child playing in their own front yard is in the wrong place?

This is a tragedy that has happened time and time again in recent years. Children who are simply outside skipping rope or playing ball are suddenly struck down by a bullet that was meant for someone else. Drive by shootings count for many of these deaths. Even when children have been inside their homes they have been hit by a stray bullet of some lunatic aiming at someone else.

These things are happening more and more in inner city neighborhoods although they are not the only ones. Gang violence is such a very serious thing and children get caught in the crossfire. Many parents who live in the worst of these neighborhoods are afraid to let their children outdoors to play. This is a disgrace in our country that someone desperately needs to find a solution to.

We know that law enforcement tries to do their jobs, but when small kids are killed in their own yards, something different needs to be done. No one wants to have a martial law type society or curfews inflicted on everyone, because this only makes the innocent citizens have to suffer along with the criminals. Our judicial system needs to do a better job somehow of making sure that criminals that have violent records are kept locked up where they should be. It is unfair for law abiding folks, no matter where they live, have to be wary of walking outside their house for fear of being shot and killed.

Some of our city streets have turned into mini war zones between rival gangs and crooks of other kinds. It makes you wonder exactly what law enforcement is doing to stop this kind of violence. Parents also must shoulder their share of responsibility. Gang members come in all shapes and colors and there are no families that are immune to having their child grow up to be a gang member. The greatest defense against these kinds of killers roaming our streets often starts with their home life. If a parent is having problems with a child that they think might be getting involved with a gang, now is the time to get help froms somewhere before it is too late for them.