If you live a long distance from your place of work, it means that you are faced with daily travel expenses, and considerable loss of time. It is not unknown for office workers to spend four hours a day just commuting to and from their jobs. However, in these modern days, all this inconvenience is no longer necessary, as there are now many inner city condos for sale.

There are numerous advertisements and billboards to be seen everywhere promoting condos. These condo units come in all sizes, from a very basic two hundred and seventy square feet up to a spacious one thousand or more square feet. The choices and options are many, so potential buyers should look around until they find something that suits their requirements, and their pocket.

Some condo buildings are gigantic, having forty or more floors, while others are more moderate in size, with, perhaps, six or eight floors only. Living high up affords you remarkable views of the surrounding area, plus plenty of fresh air if needed. Living lower down makes for faster entrances and exits, and proximity to amenities such as fitness clubs and gardens.

Most condos are built with good communications in mind, so you will see them located next to subway or other mass-transit stations. Those who once lived in the suburbs will find that travelling from office to their new condo is reduced to only ten or fifteen minutes, from the one hour or more they took previously. Of course, condo space is not sufficient for there to be a garden, but balconies can be brightened up with flowers and other potted plants.

The basic unit condo usually provides one bedroom, living and kitchen space, and a bathroom. This is most popular with young office workers, or with people who already have a house elsewhere but don't want the expense and waste of time in travelling to and from their work. Because of the low price, first-time buyers are able to have the first home of their own.

There are other buyers who want to buy centrally located condos, but as they are people with money, or perhaps they are investors or speculators, they are looking for something big, something luxurious. What would appeal to them would be three bedroom unit with an area of from one thousand to two thousand five hundred square feet. Of course, the whole condo building would have to have the design and feel of a five-star hotel.

Condos are not difficult to find. They are there right on the beach in seaside resorts, right on the golf-course in hill resorts, and near every main thoroughfare in towns and cities. Some come fully furnished, some partially furnished and some with only an air-conditioner or a fitted kitchen. Check out the options and prices and you will find something that is right for you

There are many other advantages in living in a condo when compared with living in a house. First of all, nearly every condo comes with certain amenities especially for the condo owners. For example, at the minimum there will be restaurant, mini-mart and laundry facilities. At the maximum there will be business centers, fitness centers, swimming pools, squash, badminton or tennis courts, mini-marts, and many more. So get away from a life of being caught in traffic snarls for hours each day - get one of those inner city condos today.