Similar to any other businesses, Online Network Marketing comes with its own challenges. To facilitate your understanding I have divided these challenges into 4 main categories. I believe that many people fit in one or more of such categories.

Also, I will not just highlight these problems but also provide the solutions to overcome these problems. In addition, we will also go through the Blueprint of Network Marketing, which many top earning individuals use to get to their 6 to 7 figure wealth.

As I describer and identify these categories for you, just remember that this is a category of problems i.e. each category includes a collection of problems or challenges for that matter instead of focusing on any one single challenge.

1. Not very good systems and information. This is a category which belongs primarily belongs to people who belong to network marketers old school group. This is where normally a system which is asked to follow or use fails or does not work for that matter. In this, the company restricts utilization of other marketing methods that are not prescribed by them or the methods or systems provided by the company are out dated.

This normally gives birth to confusion and conflict which results in huge amount of work with no or little outcomes. People in this category actually get frustrated and tired of not getting results despite hard-work; they just aim for a technique or system that actually works for them.

2. Absence of adequate knowledge and information. Normally, there are lots of beginners in this business line; people don't understand how to create a website or set up a capture page, people are also unaware of auto responders and don't understand how to use them effectively. People are also unaware about how to get started or create a record or how to get to prospects.

Therefore we say; business of online network marketing does require a little bit of computer knowledge. Nobody wants you to get a masters or post graduate degree in IT; however, you will need some knowledge to use your system effectively and should know how make maximum use of internet.

People who are in this category are a very excited bunch of people who wants to start at the earliest possible movement. People in this category would enjoy an orderly plan with proper laid out steps to follow that will lead them to their desire outcomes while also helping them learn.

3. Dearth of resources at disposal. Does this excuse seem heard? Take a look at some of the examples:

I need to give proper attention to my family, I need more money to get things done, I do not have spare time to get into this business because of my full time job, etc.

Apart from the reality that these are mere excuses, people who are in this group also complaint they need solutions that work in their limited money and time.
Now, I understand that there might be genuine cases but what it does is that it limits your mind set.

4. Loads of information to digest. This is not a very good category to fall into. An individual in this category generally posses good knowledge of basic of different mediums or modes of network marketing.

However, they are not very sure that which directions they need to go whether blogs, social media, pay per click, article marketing, video marketing, capture pages, etc.

As a result, they look into each part in great detail and get attacked with lots of information which is difficult to absorb. This overload of information makes the individual try different things, but not getting results from even a single one of them.

This reason alone results in frustration and is a significant part of reason that makes 97% of online network marketers fail in achieving their goal.

Now follows the answer to these problems or challenges of online network marketing. Don't worry its simple enough to follow! Just make and use a technique or system that works for you!

What you are required to select is just one business system from the huge amount of business systems that are available online. Remember though, that each system has its own pros and cons and you need to pick the one which suits best to your needs.

After selecting the system, you need to get traffic or leads through the system. There are 100 different ways to get traffic; however, you need to select just 2 or 3 techniques which you feel will work and are comfortable to have.

Focus on these 2-3 techniques and use them for a considerable length of time. You will definitely see the desired results. And as the results start coming in, you will get used to these methods and become more efficient.

This will also enable you to generate significant cash flow which you can use to reinvest in other marketing techniques or methods. This solution leads to the Blueprint of Network Marketing, which many successful online network marketers use.

Blueprint for Online Network Marketing

There are 3 simple components of this blueprint, which are as follows:

1. A prospecting system that is automated. This will help convert the visitors on your website into leads and prospects.

2. Methods to boost traffic. Try and use only 2 or 3 methods at start and maximize the use of the one which gives the best results.

3. A process to monetize your leads that converts them into distributors or paying customers. This is all related to growing up your team size and making more sales.

When you get a system that fits perfectly into this blueprint of network marketing, you will surely be on the path to success.

But, do keep this in your head that the main ingredient to this system will always be you. If the required resources and work

are not put in by you, it will end in failure. The system is there for your help and only to use as a path to finding success.